Can’t leave laundry out

When ordering, most customers put their laundry at the designated pick-up spot and let us do the rest. It’s straightforward and convenient. However, if you can’t leave your laundry out after you place your order, you can still use Rebecca’s Laundry. Here’s...

Schedule a pick up

Rebecca’s Laundry is an on-demand service, like UBER, which means your laundry is picked up shortly after you place an order. At this time, there is no way to “schedule” a pickup for a later date.

Free pickup/delivery

Rebecca’s Laundry’s laundry service includes free pick up and delivery (7 days a week). Just tell us where and we come to you.

Do I need laundry bags

You can put your laundry out for pickup in any bag you want, disposable bags, or your hamper. Most people use disposable bags. If you use your hamper we’ll transfer your clothes to our disposable bags and leave your hamper behind. You can also use laundry bags,...

Time of Pickup/Drop off

Rebecca’s Laundry offers standard next-day service ($1/LB.) and premium same-day service ($2/LB.). The timing of pickups and drop-offs depends on the service speed selected. NEXT-DAY SERVICE ($1/LB.) If you place your order before 3 pm, your laundry will be...