When you place an order with Rebecca’s Laundry, your credit/debit card is “pre-authorized.” The amount can vary and depends on your order history, the size of your order, and other factors. This preauthorization confirms that the funds are available on your credit/debit card and puts a “hold” on those funds. You are not charged this amount.

After your laundry is washed, dried, folded, packed, and weighed, your credit/debit card (or gift card or Rebecca’s Laundry credit) is charged the cost of the service, and the “hold” amount is released.

If you cancel an order, the “hold” amount is released.

Please note that Rebecca’s Laundry releases the “hold” amount immediately, but your credit/debit card company determines when those funds are available to you.

If the preauthorized amount is a problem, we recommend you use a credit card instead of a debit card. Credit cards hold the amount from your credit line rather than charging and refunding you.