How it Works

Order with any of your special instructions. Place your laundry outside for pick up. We prefer trash bags, but we accept all forms of packing. I will personally pick up your laundry, wash, dry, and fold. I returned it the next day!

Weight Limitations

For next-day service, there is no maximum amount of laundry we can do for you; however, if it’s over 100 pounds we may need extra days to complete the work. For same-day service, the weight limit is 60 pounds.

Unsafe or Unsanitary Laundry

We do not service unsafe or unsanitary laundry. We also don’t service laundry that includes excessive pet hair. Before you place an order, you will be asked to certify that your laundry: Is safe and does not include bed bugs, fleas, roaches, or biohazardous materials....

Size Limitations

Rebecca’s Laundry launders anything that fits in a standard-sized residential washer and dryer. Rebecca’s Laundry cannot accommodate extra-large items, like king comforters. Any item we cannot launder will be returned in a separate bag, not laundered, not...

Can’t leave laundry out

When ordering, most customers put their laundry at the designated pick-up spot and let us do the rest. It’s straightforward and convenient. However, if you can’t leave your laundry out after you place your order, you can still use Rebecca’s Laundry. Here’s...